©Mikkel Herrick 2015
©Mikkel Herrick 2015

Koki Sugita

Artist , Japanese Calligrapher

My inspiration for the craft of calligraphy takes a departure from traditional Japanese calligraphers, drawing from western artists like Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, and Barnet Newman.

All of my work is built on the foundation of Love, Life and Peace(愛, 命, 和).
I continuously strive to understand these special words not just as a calligrapher, artist, or even as a poet, but from my hunger to discover their true meaning and my best expression of it.


Love calligraphy 2016©Koki Sugita

2007 Exhibition at Indies Art Club (Nagasaki, Japan)

2009 Exhibition at UekiKamiTen (Yamaguchi, Japan)

2010 Performing at National Bunraku Theater (Osaka, Japan)

2011 Exhibition at Oishi Gallery (Nagasaki, Japan)

2012 Exhibition at Izutsuya Gallery (Fukuoka, Japan)

2013 Exhibition at J-Collabo (Brooklyn, NY)
Exhibition at The Bridge (Oita, Japan)
Performing at Globus Washitsu (Manhattan, NY)

2014 Exhibition at Japanese embassy (DC, NY)
Exhibition at St. Petersburg University (St. Petersburg, FL)
Exhibition at Safety Harbor Museum (Safety Harbor, FL)

2015 Performing at Hilton Hotel (Fukuoka, Japan)
Performing at Dunedin Fine Art Center (Dunedin, FL)
Exhibition at Safety Harbor Museum (Safety Harbor, FL)
Performing at Times Square, NY

2016 Performing at Enoshima Shrine (Kanagawa, Japan)
Performing at Ikushima Tarushima Shrine (Nagano, Japan)
Performing at Tokyo American Club (Tokyo, Japan)
Calligraphy work / Cartier for VIP’s Gift (Tokyo and UK)
Permanent Collection at The Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art (FL, USA)

2017 Exhibition at J+B Design Newyork (NY, USA)

flower 2015 / ©Koki Sugita
flower 2015 / ©Koki Sugita