About japanese calligraphy

About Japanese Calligraphy

Japanese Calligraphy
Traditional Art

  • Japanese calligraphy SHODO
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    Kendo is rooted in SUGITA’s calligraphy. Kendo is a combination of Japanese martial arts practices and values; with strenuous sport-like physical activity. Creating art in shrines and temples accentuates his spirituality. People are attracted to “the beating heart of life” in his works. His arts are displayed in museums and companies around the world.

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    • Japanese Calligraphy SHODO dragon
    • Japanese Calligraphy KUU SHODO
    • Japanese Calligraphy Heart SHODO
    • SHODO ENSO Japanese Calligraphy
    • AUN SHODO Japanese Calligraphy
    • DREAM SHODO Japanese Calligraphy
    • HISHOU SHODO Japanese Calligraphy
    • THANKS SHODO Japanese Calligraphy

    ■ About Collection

    You can collect calligraphy works by Sugita.

    Most of the works already produced are only one.

    The price is various. You can also see past artworks in the gallery.

    ■ About Order

    We take the order from you.

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    · Sugita can also write English sentences.
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