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Pray and dedicate

Calligraphy performance by Sugita,

It was part of the spiritual exploration of Japanese culture called “dedication”.

There is a philosophy of Japanese existence.

This spirituality is internationally appreciated.

  • Dedication

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    Dedication and seclude

  • Dedication Fukuoka


    About dedication of calligraphy art

  • Dedication art
  • Sugita’s demonstration try to painting in silence.

    As a shinto ritual, As a doctrine’s practice.

    People in the place, the environment, SUGITA thinks as all artworks.

    It is his original work.

    ■ Achievement

    Here we notation excerpts in part.

    ・KANZEONJI Temple (2018)
    ・FUKUOKA GOKOKU JINJA Shrine (2017)
    ・ENOSHIMA JINJA Shrine (2016)
    ・DAZAIFU TENMANGU Shrine (2015)
    ・ARATATE Shrine (2015)

    ■ Place

    ・HAIDEN – a front shrine.
    ・KAGULADEN – kagura hall (at a shrine)
    ・KEIDAI – the grounds

    ■ Fee


    Event and Festival is another price.

    Please check it.

    ■ About the artwork of after writing

    The work which I wrote is dedicated as it is.

    ■ Pick up pictures

    • KOKI SUGITA Japanese Calligrapher
    • Japanese Calligrapher
    • Dragon dedication
    • Ikushimatarushima jinja
    • Fukuoka Gokoku Jinja
    • Japanese calligraphy peace
    • Koki Sugita performance
    • Dedication shrine
    • Performance art Dedication
    • Dedication nagano


    OKOMORI -Seclude Works

  • Japanese calligrapher KOKI SUGITA
  • SUGITA will “seclude myself” for shrines and temples.

    In the shrine and temples, Sugita keep calligraphy written.

    That call “OKOMORI”.

    Sugita will do “OKOMORI” overnight, or several hours.

    The aim is to explore the spirit of dedication.

    When studying the calligraphy of the historical figure,

    KUUKAI and RYOKAN performed “OKOMORI” as training.

    I believe that learning their feelings is “tradition” for Sugita.

    ■ Time

    2hour ~ 1day

    ■ Pick up pictures

    • Japanese Calligrapher KOKI SUGITA
    • Japanese Calligrapher KOKI SUGITA OKOMORI
    • Japanese calligraphy
    • Japanese calligraphy


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