Design calligraphy

Design Calligraphy logo

Stand out with Calligraphy

LOGO-Shop & Company
TITLE-Event & Program
NAME-Plate & Card etc
with SUGITA’s Calligraphy

Design Calligraphy

Design Calligraphy/Brush logo


Calligraphy:Design, Brush words, Japanese calligraphy, Art direction, Creative direction, calligraphy, space design etc


To those who are thinking about “calligraphy” as a design.

We have designed calligraphy for many corporations and individual business owners.

  • Design Works japanmervelous
  • Design Works Dojoji
  • Design works event title
  • Design works event title2

■ Recommended use

・Store logo
・Company logo
・Product Logo
・Product package
・A company story
・Management philosophy
・A store name
・Business card
・A sign design
・TV Program Title
・Event title
・Novelty items
・Thank-you letter
・Ads design
・Name plate
・In website


■ We will send you data by e-mail.

  • calligraphy writing
  • Design creation is the same as work creation and process.

    After writing many calligraphy,

    We will edit to illustrator and photoshop.

    We will also digitize the peculiar strokes of Japanese calligraphy.

    And we carefully select and recommend a design that suits you.

    ■ About data transfer

    We will send you an e-mail or data transfer site.

    If you have any request, we will send it to CD-R.

    ・Data content




    Production cost and duration

    The following is the cost of reference.

    We will ask you the budget for each request.

    ■ Price

    • ・FULL( Unlimited suggestions)

      As well as artworks, WASHI(Japanese paper) produced high-quality paper.The real thing is kept by us and it is available as framing work if requested.

      Personal(Private customer), Self-employment

      Corporation(Business customer)

    • ・SUB(Proposal limit,1〜3)

      We will restrict the number of proposals to customers who want to keep costs down.

      Personal(Private customer), Self-employment

      Corporation(Business customer)

    Depending on the number of letters, size and usage, the cost will change. Also, For individual customers’ business use, the same amount as corporation may be obtained.


    ■ To those who wish framing

    Customers who wish framing cost extra fee.

    Please tell us in advance.

    ■ Production period

    2weeks~ half year

    Please tell us in advance if you are in a hurry.


    Type calligraphy

    • Design Works IKKEI
    • Akihiro nishino event
    • EGAO smile


    We produce it according to customer’s request.

    ■ English sentence

    • wan
    • chisa
    • ASUKA プロジェクト
    • Brooklyn ramen

    We can write English sentences and numbers.

    Art direction is also popular

  • Hair is energy art direction
  • We also do art direction such as product package.



    ○Motivation also improved!

    ○Thank you very much for your selfish support also.

    ○It became a cool logo beyond my imagination.

    ○I feel confident.

    ○It was good to be Mr. Sugita’s calligraphy.

    ○I was impressed!

    ○Wow! Very good!

    About copyright

    The transfer of copyright will change depending on your budget.

    Basics are subject to copyright infringement when used under conditions other than those requested.


    Application and consultation

    First of all, it may be a consultation base.

    Please feel free to contact us.