Order of japanese calligraphy art

Order of Japanese calligraphy

Calligraphy is alive.

Breathe life one by one.

Through calligraphy,

Sugita has life in his artworks.


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  • Special Order
    / Japanese Calligraphy

    書道作品 オーダー

    CATEGORY: Japanese Calligraphy, Brush Character, KANJI, Order made


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    For other works,

    Please see in the category.


    Ordermade by Japanese Calligraphy

  • Japanese Calligrapher
  • SUGITA take the order from a visitor.In the order we will produce “word” that the customer desires.Price varies with paper quality, ink, size.Please tell me your budget and size.

    ■ Recommended use

    ・Display in Office
    ・Store direction
    ・Hanging scroll


    ■ Media

    ・Japanese paper
    ・Chinese paper
    ・Folding fan
    ・Wood plate

    In addition, if there is material of demand, please tell us.

    ■ Content

    ・A company story
    ・Corporate philosophy
    ・Management philosophy
    ・Founder’s quotation
    ・Auspicious words
    ・Favorite words
    ・Celebration letters

    Sugita receives requests other than the above.

    ■ Delivery destination

    ・A lawyer office
    ・Patent attorney’s office
    ・Beauty shop
    ・Fashion Brand
    ・Manufacturing industry
    ・Reward congratulation
    ・Anniversary celebration
    ・Building company

    We also accept souvenirs.

    ■ About Framing

    We will follow the letters and requests you desire.

    Japanese Traditional Frame
    hanging scroll
    Modern frame

    Frame it according to the image or place to decorate.

    Please tell me your budget when ordering.

    Japanese Calligraphy SHODO dragon

    ■ Price

    Small size/ Longer side: smaller than 50cm (20inch)


    Large size/ Longer side: smaller than 151cm (60inch)


    LL size/ Longer side: 151cm (60inch) or more


    Shipping costs will be charged separately.
    Prices depend on size and quality.
    It is a standard to the last.

    If you are seeking the highest quality please refer to the rate of the standard.

    We will give you an estimate after asking your budget.

    ■ Creation period

    1 month~ half year

    ■ Payment

    Credit card settlement ( PayPal )

    It is a prepayment system.

    Those who wish for other payment methods, please say in advance.

    Application from here

    First of all, consultation is OK.
    Please contact us whenever you have questions.

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    Japanese calligrapher KOKI SUGITA

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    • DREAM SHODO Japanese Calligraphy
    • HISHOU SHODO Japanese Calligraphy
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