Artist , Japanese Calligrapher Koki Sugita

Koki Sugita/ Artist,Japanese Calligrapher

Contemporary artist who sublimates to japanese calligraphy and art based on spiritual inquiry of “Wa”.
And Japanese Calligrapher.

Permanent Collection>> Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art(USA)
It was collected in the category of Japanese tradition and contemporary art, and in 2017 works were displayed together with great artists such as Picasso and Chagall.

Works>> Hilton World Wide, Cartier , NewYork TimesSquare , Dunedin Fine Art Center , American Club in Tokyo , other museum.


LIFE Koyasan , Japanese Calligraphy

Japanese Calligraphy began at age 22. He was self taught.

Based on the teachings of kendo that he had been using since 6 years old, He’s been working on “Japanese Calligraphy”.

Sugita put emphasis on spirituality and experiential learning.

They learn the history and way of living of their predecessors, go to the lands where they live, work with the work in their own way, such as making shrines and dedication at shrines and temples.

Shrine Dedication Koki Sugita Japanese Calligraphy

The Performing Art (calligraphy performance), which is the representative of Sugita, is a simple calligraphy performance based on the concept of “harmony”, but people who see the work appeal to “Amazing!” Moreover, the voice saying “I am Japanese good” rises.

The expression is based on one sense of value.

Present/ Heart of Dedication

“Do not be charmed as a performance. Cherish your heart of dedication.”

A word from the shrine’s shrine who stayed in search of Japanese culture in 2007. Activities to explore its true intention became “Performing art” of today.

Koki Sugita Japanese Calligrapher

From 2013 he is a solo exhibition in New York, Embassy of Japan in the US, university.

Art works are delivered not only to the United States but also to Europe and Asia.

Three works are permanently collected in the museum in the category of “Japanese tradition” and “contemporary art” in 2016.

AUN , Japanese Calligraphy

Recent years,

Sugita knew that “culture” is about the world without thinking “tradition” when considering it in a long history.He is also influenced by art and design all over the world including Jackson-Pollock, Andy-Warhol, Monet etc.

“Culture goes around the world”

Just think about the way of “Wa” that can be done in modern times where global and local mix, not by traditional Japanese culture.

He have started expressing on various media.


Wind , Japanese Calligraphy , Koki Sugita

Beautiful Spirit
It’s not just a painting, it’s an experience!
I am good at being a Japanese.
It is unavoidable to keep it as Sugita only for Japanese.
Tears overflow when you see the work.
I feel the work is alive.
There are many things to teach from the way of life.
The work was wonderful.
I felt graceful in your writing.
That brush will strain the surrounding air as well.
Whenever you see it, it comes to my mind.
It was an opportunity to look back on “What is living?”