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Besides expression activities
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It can be a consultation base.
Please inquire.

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Client works

Price is a standard.
We listen to your client’s budget and we will respond.

  • Order Made

    Japanese Calligraphy KUU SHODO

    Works make quality space fine.

    ・Store decoration
    ・the guiding precepts of a company
    ・Management philosophy
    ・Spatial presentation
    ・Office display
    ・An old saying

    Small size/ Longer side: smaller than 50cm (20inch)


    Large size/ Longer side: smaller than 151cm (60inch)


    LL size/ Longer side: 151cm (60inch) or more


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  • Performance/Dedication

    Performance art Dedication

    SUGITA will perform calligraphy performance.

    ・Opening act
    ・Dedication etc

    Performance fee


    Dedication fee


    In the past, he has performed at Tokyo American Club, Hilton Hotel, Hotel Okura etc, National Bunraku Theater and Nagasaki Brick Hall.

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  • Design

    Ramen shop logo

    We will pass it as data such as illustrator.
    (Date : ai,png,jpg,eps)

    ・Store name
    ・Company name
    ・Product logo
    ・Event title
    ・Movie title
    ・Business Card
    ・A sign
    ・Banners of sports and events
    ・in Website

    Production requests other than calligraphy are also available.

    FULL(Unlimited suggestions)

    Personal(Private customer), Self-employment
    Corporation(Business customer)

    SUB(Proposal limit,1〜3)

    Personal(Private customer), Self-employment
    Corporation(Business customer)

    More info
  • Gift

    Gift item

    We will accept production of gifts.

    ・For yourself
    ・Longevity celebration
    ・Birthday celebration
    ・Wedding celebration
    ・Opening celebration
    ・Mother’s day/Father’s day

    ■ Gift works


    Shipping fee will be charged separately.


About Collection

Purchase, Rental etc

  • ENSO artwork
  • ■ Message

    You can purchase and collect existing works produced by Koki Sugita.
    Please ask about the artwork price.

    Not only autographed works but also prints will sell.
    If you would like to see the actual work outside the exhibition, please contact us so we can have a meeting.

    ■ Price

    The price of artwork is different in each.

    Please contact us.

    ■ Pick up pictures

    • Borderless flower
    • the first is forever
    • Shining love
    • love
    • Japanese Calligraphy SHODO dragon
    • Japanese Calligraphy KUU SHODO
    • Japanese Calligraphy Heart SHODO
    • SHODO ENSO Japanese Calligraphy

    ■ Archivement


    About Exhibition

    Planning and exhibiting

  • Exhibition oita
  • ■ Message

    We organize an exhibition of Koki Sugita.

    We are looking for someone who will support solo exhibitions at museums and galleries.
    Please contact us directly for gallery contracts.

    ■ Pick up pictures

    • AUN SHODO Japanese Calligraphy
    • Exhibition jicc us
    • Japanese calligraphy hishou
    • Exhibiiton usa
    • Exhibition USA
    • Exhibition first

    ■ Archivement


    About Contact

    We will accept offers to Sugita.

    We also accept projects such as orders, media appearances, interviews, designs such as logos and themes, product collaborations, seminars, lectures.

    We will receive both inquiries and orders at any time.